Monday, August 22, 2016

le polish: Back to School Trio Swatches and Review

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Good morning, dear readers, and happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend and your week is off to a wonderful start! It was a busy weekend around here from spending quality time with my boys to working on things for the blog. I've got a lot of posts coming up! Now on to today's blog post!

It's that time of year when the carefree days of summer have come to an end and the new school year has begun. To kick off the new school ear, le polish is releasing the Back to School trio inspired by Billy Madison. Of course the inspiration isn't exactly the most wholesome and innocent, but it's something for us adults to enjoy! Let's check it out!

The Back to School trio consists of three glitter crellies.

Stop Looking at Me Swan
Three coats plus top coat

 A white crelly with black, yellow, and gold glitters and flakes. "Shampoo is better, I go on first and clean the hair. Conditioner is better, I leave the hair silky and smooth. Stop Looking at me Swan!"

While I don't wear white crellies often, I am digging this one. The colour palette is simple, and I really enjoy the pops of yellow against the white and black. The application was a dream in three thin coats. While you could go with fewer thicker coats, I find glitter crellies achieve the best depth with thin but more coats. The glitters spread nicely across my nails and the final look is clean and beautiful!

Call Me Miles Davis
Three coats plus top coat

A raspberry crelly with black, white, pink, and gold glitters. "If peeing your pants is cool, Call Me Miles Davis!"

Call Me Miles Davis is the perfect shade for the upcoming fall season! The raspberry base is the perfect balance of colour with dark moodiness that I always think of with the cooler days, and the glitter combination suits it nicely. The formula was also easy to work with and application a breeze with three thin coats.

Nudie Magazine Day

A nude crelly with aqua, blue, and white glitters and aqua shimmer. "What day is it? Nudie Magazine Day, Nudie Magazine Day, Nudie Magazine Day!"

I am loving the aqua and blue glitters against the nude base shade! It adds a little something to make your nails more interesting without overpowering the base. I have no issues to report with this beauty either as it applied perfectly for me as well!

The Back to School Collection will be available for purchase this Friday, August 26th at noon EDT on the le polish website located here. Polishes will be available in both full size and mini bottles; full size will retail at $10 each and mini bottles at $6 each.

You can follow le polish on social media on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest to see details on current and upcoming releases. You can also join the le polish Facebook fan group here for early sneak peeks, games, and group customs.

What is your favorite shade from this trio? Are you glad to see the school year start? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

KBShimmer: Fall 2016 Partial Collection Swatches and Review

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Happy Saturday, dear readers! I hope your weekend is off to a fabulous start! I had hoped to get this post up yesterday to coincide with the launch, but unfortunately it wasn't able to happen with so many appointments throughout the day. I'm sure you'll agree with me that these gorgeous nail polishes from the new Fall 2016 collection by KBShimmer are well worth the wait! This 12-piece collections offers a little something for everyone, and I have 8 of them to share with you this morning. Ready? Let's do this!

Orchidding Me?
Two coats

Orchids come in a wide mix of colors, from pale whites to deep purples. Inspired by the orchids of Christy’s mother, this polish has a warm purple base that leans fuchsia, amped up with some linear holographic pigment for a fantastic rainbow flame. With 1-2 coat coverage, this is a must-have floral polish.

Let's just start off with a bang and one of my favorites from the collection. Orchidding Me? is such a deliciously vibrant polish and a must-have for any purple lover. While I'm not a huge purple fan overall, I have a weakness for warmer purple hues like this, and it matches the orchids I have in my kitchen perfectly! This polish is highly pigmented, and I almost got away with using a single coat. The formula was perfectation!

Flake Me Home Tonight
Two coats

This minty metallic polish is loaded with silver flakes and holographic sparkle. This foil formula is easy to remove and shines both indoors and out. If you loved our birthstone collection, this is a must have! 2-3 coats recommended. 

Even though it is described as a minty polish, I cannot help but feel like a mermaid wearing Flake Me Home Tonight. It has a wonderful seafoam green colour, and I imagine this is what all mermaids wear on their nails! Two easy coats and I was ready to go for a swim!

Grin and Gerbera It
One coat

A new addition to our line of creams, Grin And Gerbera It is a warm deep pink leaning color that has a kiss of red to it. This shade will work well in any season. 1-2 coats recommended.

I don't know why I am always blown away by the quality of KBShimmer's creams- they always knock the formula out of the park! Not too thick or thin, Grin And Gerbera It applied like a dream come true, and I only needed one single coat for opacity. I'm eager to test it out with different nail art techniques, and I have high hopes for it since it is so pigmented!

Oh My Ganache
Two coats

We hate to admit it, but chocolate cake is our weakness! Moist, deep and dark, there is nothing that can make chocolate cake better, unless it is ganache! Inspired by that rich chocolate glaze, Oh My Ganache is a rich chocolate-colored linear holographic polish. 2-3 coats recommended.

I don't mind admitting it- I am a chocoholic. While I usually share everything with the husband and kids, chocolate is one of those things I tend to hide and hoard just for myself. Of course, I have some on hand for them, but the delicious European chocolate is all mine! Mwahahaha! Oh My Ganache is the perfect accessory for on your nails while enjoying a tasty bon bon or chocolate cake, and I found the formula to be fantastic. If you're a fan of brown shades this time of year, as I certainly am, you're going to need this beauty!

Poppy Kisses
Two coats

A bright, orange toned red, this linear holographic polish brings to mind that famous poppy-filled field. Technicolor has nothing on this bright polish. 2 coat recommended.

One of the reasons I love to visit Crested Butte in Colorado over the summer is to enjoy all the poppies. We have the California Poppy here in the Bay Area, and it is often seen growing on the sides of the streets and highways, but it is different from the red of the common poppy flower. Poppy Kisses definitely makes me think of poppy fields! Like the other polishes in this post, the formula was fantastic and I had no issues with application.

Sage It Ain't So
Two coats plus top coat

A soft sage green, this earthy polish is filled with copper, lavender and silver glitter. A sprinkling of holo dust adds subtle depth. 2-3 coats recommended.

KBShimmer certainly has a way with glitter crellies, and I am intrigued with the colour combination seen in Sage It Ain't So. The copper and lavender glitters make the perfect accompaniment to the soft sage green base as they add little pops of colour without taking away from the lovely green hue. I'm happy to report this applied perfectly and I had no trouble with the glitters dispersing over my nails. It does dry to a slightly textured finish, but a single coat of top coat smoothed my nails out nicely.

Turning Pointe
Two coats 

A new addition to our Mega Flame line, this soft peachy pink color brings to mind ballet slippers and tutus. This girly polish is sure to be a favorite with its super holographic sparkle and delicate color. 2 coats recommended.

Oh ballet, what a complicated relationship we have! I wanted to love ballet so much when I was younger, but it was the dance class I hated so much. I'm sure it didn't help that I didn't start until I was older and my classmates had already been studying the dance form for several years prior to that. That being said, my hubby is always pointing out that I often walk on my toes; some habits never die, I suppose! KBShimmer really nailed this colour to go with the name! It has the perfect balance of peach to pink, and it applies superbly!

Fright This Way
Two coats plus top coat
Plus Purple Bat Glitters!

Fright This Way is a Halloween inspired polish with a deep black base and a scattering of holo dust and loads of purple glitter. At certain angles this polish looks plain black, but when the light catches the glitter, the purple pops! 2-3 coats recommended. 

BONUS:  Each bottle of Fright This Way will come with mini purple bat glitter, ideal for accenting this spooky polish.  There are no bats in this polish, and they are best used as placed accents, then covered with top coat.

For those of you that may not know, Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, and I always look forward to seeing the KBShimmer Halloween-themed polish each year. Dark and brooding, this polish evokes the essence of Halloween. As if the polish itself wasn't fantastic enough on it's own, KBShimmer is including a bag of these adorable purple glitter bats to add as accents to your nails, and the glitter pair so perfectly with this polish! This does dry to a slightly textured finish so you're going to want to use top coat to get a smooth finish on your nails. Of course I think of it now while typing up this post, but this would be amazing with a matte finish!

These and the four remaining shades from the KBShimmer Fall 2016 collection are currently available for purchase from KBShimmer here. KBShimmer polishes can also be purchased at Color4Nails, Harlow & Co, and Live Love Polish.

Did you pick up any of the new KBShimmer shades at yesterday's launch? What did you pick up, or which ones do you have an eye on? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day and enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Girly Bits Cosmetics: What Happens in Vegas... Ends Up on Twitter

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Good morning, dear readers! I hope you are having a wonderful day so far! It's almost the weekend, and I am looking forward to a little bit of rest and relaxation with my family interspersed with blogging duties. Now on to today's post!

As you may already know, Girly Bits Cosmetics has been releasing a Cosmoprof North America inspired limited edition polish each year. I have this year's shade, What Happens in Vegas... Ends Up On Twitter is on the blog today! It is a beauty, and you certainly do not want to miss out on it!

Two coats plus top coat

What Happens in Vegas... Ends Up on Twitter is a denim blue holo that shifts from pink to gold with an added sprinkling of aqua holographic glitter. The formula of this exquisite polish was fantastic and it applied nicely. You do need to be mindful of the scattered glitters as they may give the edges of your fingernails an uneven look should they land at the end of your fingertips. I just gently pushed those glitters fully onto my nails for a smooth edge. This polish has a little bit of texture due to the added glitters, but my nails smoothed out nicely with a coat of top coat.

What Happens in Vegas... Ends Up on Twitter is currently available for purchase from the Girly Bits Cosmetics website located here. Please note this shade is only available for a limited time. It is available for pre-order and only until Monday, August 22nd at 12midnight EDT. All Girly Bits orders containing this shade will begin shipping on or before August 24th.

What do you think of this shade? Do you have the other Girly Bits Cosmetics LE Vegas shades? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

CPNA: Visit with ORLY

Happy hump day, dear readers! I am continuing on with my Cosmoprof North America series, and I wanted to share with you my findings at the ORLY booth. Check it out!

ORLY has released a new Breathable line that is both a treatment and colour in one. This line nourishes and hydrates your nails with argan oil, pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin C. In order to reap it's full benefits and keep it breathable, you don't use base or top coat with these polishes. There are currently 18 shades available in this formula, and I look forward to seeing more released in the future!

ORLY also revealed the new fall line, Mulholland. Continuing in the California travels, this collection is available in both traditional lacquer and the EPIX 2-step formulas. I'm in love with these shades; they make me think of the leaves turning colours in the fall. I may miss the desert, but I am so glad to be able to enjoy the turning of the seasons again, especially for fall!

ORLY also revealed their Winter collection, but unfortunately we were not permitted to take photos of it. I really loved the shades, and I think you'll be happy with them as well.

Thanks for following along, and stay tuned for my next Cosmoprof North America post!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Born Pretty Store: Egyptian Stamping Plate

Press Sample

Greetings, dear readers! I hope this post finds you well! I received a beautiful stamping plate from Born Pretty Store with Ancient Egyptian and desert images. I love Egyptian history with the pharaohs and hieroglyphs, and I love the desert after living in Arizona for years, so this plate was absolutely perfect for me! Let's check it out and my nail art I created with it.

This plate is gorgeous! It contains the iconic Ancient Egyptian images and cacti! I knew I wanted to create a look with the Egyptian images in particular, and I was initially planning on using traditional colours seen in Egyptian art- beautiful greens and rich blues..... and then I spotted by still unused bottle of Essie It's Genius in my stash. It's a shade that was begging to be loved so I opted to go with an inaccurate but still lovely colour palette. Hey, they're my nails; I do what I want! Haha!

Let's check out the final look!
I opted to use Essie Penny Talk to stamp the images on my nails. While I had no trouble with the pharaoh image, the hieroglyphs took far more attempts than I am willing to admit. I opted to try it that particular image with a Born Pretty Store stamping polish I have used in the past and really liked, and I still had trouble picking up that particular image. I found it was just etched on the shallow side so it made it difficult to pick up with my squishy stamper. I did not try it with a firm one as those do not stamp well on my nails, but I suspect I would have had more success with it as those are my go-to with images that aren't etched quite deep enough.
In spite of the difficulties I had with one of the images, I really love this plate! I'm determined to make it work for me in the future, even if that means the easiest way to use it would be stamping onto a mat and then transferring the design onto my nails. This plate is certainly a welcome addition to my stash!

This particular stamping plate can be found on the Born Pretty Store website here. While you are there, be sure to check out what else Born Pretty Store has to offer for your nail art needs. You can also save 10% on full-priced items by using discount code QWL91.

What do you think of this stamping plate? Are you a fan of these images? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, have a wonderful day!

Disclaimer:  The products reviewed above were provided to me for my honest and unbiased opinion. All thoughts stated are entirely my own and are based on my use of said products.  I love receiving feedback from my readers, and any comments left here are the express opinions and/or property of the individual authors.  Therefore, I, the author of this site, cannot be held responsible for the opinions held by others.  I reserve the right to remove any comments that I find to be harmful, unnecessary, or not constructive for other readers.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Mischief ManiBox: A New Fandom Box Featuring Stashed Polish and YouPolish

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Happy Monday, dear readers! I hope this post finds you well and you had a wonderful weekend! Things were quiet here on the blog front as my 1 year old got very sick while we were in Crested Butte and had to go to the emergency room and then transported to the Children's Hospital in Denver. Needless to say, out time in Colorado was rough and did not go as planned. We ended up out of state for longer than planned, but we are now home and thankfully he is his usual happy self. It was a rather traumatic experience for me, so blog posts may be a little infrequent while I heal from the experience. That is not the purpose of this post though, so let's get to better and more colourful things!

I am thrilled to present to you today the inaugural Mischief ManiBox, a themed fandom box curated by Stached Polish and YouPolish. This box will be available bi-monthly, and each box will contain two polishes by Stached Polish, a nail decal set by YouPolish, and a vinyl sticker also by YouPolish. The theme of the first box is #Squad after non other than Suicide Squad!

I am so excited about this box, and I am all giddy over the tagline "I solemnly swear to do my nails"! I completely spaced out on taking a separate photo, but the #Squad item at the top of this photo is the vinyl sticker. I've not yet decided where I want to put mine yet, although my melmers are looking rather boring on the outside and needing some sprucing up....
Let's check out the polishes, and then I can share the nail decals with you

Mr J
Two coats plus top coat

Mr J is a gorgeous lime green holo polish, and I am so excited to see this particular shade in this box. I love my greens, but they don't seem to get enough love. Mr J is perfectly bright for the summer, but not too bright that you can't rock it on your nails as the weather cools down. It's a colour I am particularly drawn to lately, and I hope you love it as much as I do! As for the formula, it is a little thinner than many of the indie polishes I often use, but it was still really easy to work with. I loved the wider-than-average brush for application, and it really does apply like a dream. Because it is on the thinner side, you may find you need three coats if you tend to use thinner coats or have longer nails than I am currently sporting. Trust me, it's well worth it!

Psychotic Beauty
Two coats plus top coat

I don't think I could think of a better polish than this shifty polish that changes its colors from purple to red to magenta like Harley Quinn changes personalities. This beautiful multichrome certainly has my attention, and I've even been wearing it for a few days now! The formula of Psychotic Beauty was thicker than Mr J and more like what I am used to; it applied like butter. If you use thick coats, you may find you only need one single coat, but I think it's worth taking the added step of a second coat for a stunning look like this.

The Mischief ManiBox comes with a set of nail decals, and for the #Squad-themed box, you have both decals and stencils.
It's not quite what I normally wear on my nails, but I'm digging these stencils. If you opt to use the Joker design as a stencil as I did here, you will need to take your time to remove the stencil and weed out the extra vinyl. It is such a detailed design, but it is well worth the effort to do this!
The decals were also easy to use- just peel and place on your nails and add your favorite topcoat to seal them in.

I don't know about you, but I'm even more excited about Suicide Squad after this box! I've got to find a time to see it, and I'll have my nails ready!

The Mischief ManiBox is available for purchase on the Stached Polish website located here.

The Mischief ManiBox is $25 shipped, and it is available for preorder starting today! Orders are scheduled to start shipping September 1st through the 3rd, but please be aware that Holly, the creator of Stached Polish, is on vacation and planning a move so she may need a little wiggle room if things don't work according to plan.
The Mischief ManiBox will become available every other month with future boxes available for preorder on the 15th of the month with shipping out on the first of the following month. The next box will be up for preorder on October 15th with shipping on November 1st. I love this particular box, and I am eager to see what the next fandom theme will be!

What do you think of the new Mischief ManiBox? What are you loving most in the #Squad box? What other fandoms are you hoping to see next? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!