Thursday, December 14, 2017

#TBTBeauty with Tarte Cosmetics Showstopper Clay Palette

Greetings, dear readers! I have a slightly different kind of post to share with you. I recently attempted to organize some of my makeup items, and while my system still needs some work, I was able to rediscover old favorites and toss a few things that just didn't WOW me. I don't know about you, but I have the tendency to just use my newest products and my older favorites end up shoved in a drawer and forgotten about. It's actually quite sad to see something I once wore a lot, when it was new, of course, sit and go unloved! Since #ThrowbackThursday is a thing, I thought it would be a great opportunity to have a little #TBT fun by using my older palettes and products again.

To jumpstart this project, I was first drawn towards my Tarte Cosmetics Showstopper Clay Palette.  The limited edition, rounded palette consists of six eyeshadows, a blush, a bronzer, and a blush. While the colours aren't particularly unique in the makeup world, I was drawn towards this palette when it was released as an easy way to take cosmetics with me while traveling and still pack light. Most of the cosmetic items I want in a convenient hand-sized product? Sign me up! I've since moved over primarily to magnetic palettes while traveling so I can customize my looks, but I did end up taking the Showstopper Clay Palette with me to Los Angeles for The Makeup Show last month. I just wasn't in the mindset to go all out and put together a look after the distraction and our evacuation from the wildfires here in Sonoma County so this palette was a lifesaver! Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but my point is it kept me looking together for the events over the weekend.

Because I now work outside the house on Thursdays, I opted to keep a lighter hand and went with a more natural day time look. There aren't any wild colours in the Tarte Cosmetics Showstopper Clay Palette so I don't think I could go too crazy anyway. You could still up the intensity if you wanted to for a great dramatic daytime or evening look.

I completed the look by popping on Ardell Lashes in 120 Demi Black and added a quick coat of NYX Cosmetics Lip Lingerie in Ruffle Trim onto my lips.

The Tarte Cosmetics Showstopper Clay Palette is no longer available for purchase, but they have so many fabulous items to choose from that I'm sure you can find something that speaks to you if you are in the market for new makeup.

While I don't plan to do these #TBTBeauty every Thursday, I am hoping to occasionally have them up on my blog. Unfortunately, this may mean I end up using a product, like the Showstopper palette in this evening's post, that may not be available for purchase any longer. I have tried to avoid adding content prominently featuring no-longer-available products, so let me know what you think about this. Do you like it and (hopefully) help you shop your own stash again rather than feeling the urge to shop new? Does it rub you the wrong way? I truly welcome your feedback on this idea! I personally think this is a fun project, and I'd love to see others jump in on the #TBTBeauty train!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful night!

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

BeautySoClean: Candy Cane Scented Brush Cleanser

Press Sample

Happy hump day, dear readers! Is it just me, or are the days going by faster than ever now? With the holiday season in full swing, my days are filled with more events and activities than normal, and there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. Thankfully the gift shopping is done and the gifts that need to be shipped out are wrapped and scheduled to be picked up later today! I keep telling myself I really should just shop online and have items shipped directly to the recipient, both to save on time and possibly shipping costs, but I really enjoy the full experience of hand selecting gifts, usually locally when I can, and then wrapping. Next year may be the year it is all deemed to be "too much", but for now, I don't mind the extra tasks for the month. Now on to today's post!

Let me just go ahead and start this post by saying these photos are a lie. While attending The Makeup Show in Los Angeles last month, I was provided with this bottle of BeautySoClean's Conditioning Brush Cleanser in the scent Candy Cane to test out. Given that the bottle also included images of traditional candy canes, one might think it is safe to assume this cleanser would smell like peppermint. While peppermint is far from a favorite scent of mine in general, I do like to surround myself with it often over the month of December for the holidays. This Conditioning Brush Cleanser, on the other hand, smells like a combination of alcohol and lime. There may be the slightest teensiest hint of peppermint, but in truth, I think I'm only fooling myself into believing the scent is there since I want it to be so badly. While this is ultimately a brush cleanser and what I should be focusing on, it was a major disappointment when it came to the scent factor.

In spite of my issues with the lack of peppermint scent, I still wanted to give this brush cleanser a fair shot. I normally deep clean my makeup brushes every week, and I also like to spot clean my brushes after each use, both to help rid any excess colour that may remain from products and to remove any bacteria that could potentially be lurking there. While my brushes are for my use alone, it gives me greater confidence that my makeup is as clean as possible and increasing the life of my makeup. This was the first I have used BeautySoClean products, and I was pretty happy overall with how will it cleaned my brushes. To clean my makeup brushes, I would spritz the cleanser with a few pumps onto each brush and then wipe my brushes on a clean wash cloth to remove any makeup residue. One spritz/wipe cycle was generally sufficient at removing product from my thinner brushes while my powder and blush brushes generally required a second, if not third, spritz/wipe cycle to remove the excess makeup residue. While I'm not entirely sure how long the scent lingered in my brushes, after spot cleaning them after makeup application in the morning, I wouldn't notice the scent on my brushes the next morning.

Final Thoughts

While the Conditioning Brush Cleanser certainly stood up to the task of spot cleaning my brushes, and I liked the convenient 2oz size from traveling, I still can't bring myself to get past the scent issue. The Candy Cane/peppermint fragrance I was expecting was just not there, and as much as I like citrus scents, the alcohol plus lime combination is just too repellent for me to continue using it. Something I did find interesting about my experience with this particular product is that it isn't on the BeautySoClean website, nor has it been since I received this just over a month ago. I did some more digging so I could find a store or website that might carry this particular product for you, and all I could find was a blog post from Dec 2012 and sites that no longer have it listed as "In stock". According to Beautylish, a website that did sell it at one time, the Candy Cane Conditioning Brush Cleanser was a limited edition scent released for the holidays. Given the odd scent and the fact that this brush cleanser contains many natural ingredients (a chamomile-type flower extract, lime oil, and willow bark extract), I cannot help but wonder if my bottle of brush cleanser is actually five years old and one or more of the natural ingredients has taken a turn. I must admit this has left a less than favorable impression of the brand on me, and I am hesitant to recommend the brand or try any of their other products. If you have tried this or any other products from BeautySoClean, I would love to hear about your experiences, be it good or bad!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Zoya Party Girls Dotticure

Press Sample

Happy Monday, dear readers! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! It was a busy one around here with assorted errands, and of course, spending some quality time with my family. Last week was pretty intense as I worked from sun rise to just before passing out at night; even running errands with my oldest son was fun! We also got our tree decorated and have been enjoying sitting together near the glowing lights in the evenings.

In spite of all the business, I still found a little bit of time to play around with the new Party Girls Collection by Zoya Nail Polish. I've been craving a fun dotticure lately, and this collection was the perfect fit! I also wanted a fun base to go along with my dots. Rather than sticking with a single shade, I used the following Zoya shades and painted one of the colours on each of my nails:


I then followed up with my dotting tools and randomly placed dots in different sizes over the base colours. After a quick coat of top coat, my colourful and easy nail art design was complete!

I'm really loving how this manicure turned out! I've never really considered myself a die-hard fan of dots in general, but I keep getting drawn to them in nail art looks. For it being such a simple technique, it is rather amazing how different a design can look based on the colours selected and the size and density of the dots!

Do you have a nail art design that you keep getting drawn towards? I'd love to hear about your favorite designs or colour combinations!

Until next time, dear readers, I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Highlights from this wee's Beauty Spotlight Team

While Jen from The Jedi Wife loves to wear red lipstick year round, she knows not everyone feels the same way. The holiday season is the perfect time to sport luscious red lips, and Jen is currently smitten with one from Make Up For Ever’s Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick line. 

 Cargo Cosmetics seems to get overlooked year after year. This year Prime Beauty thinks their Emerald City Holiday Collection is fabulous and it doesn't hurt that it is inspired by Seattle, one of her favorite cities! Check out the review of the Collection AND enter to win a Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette! You're welcome! 

 This holiday season, Polarbelle wants to share some gift sets from Buxom Cosmetics. And, there is a giveaway!!! 

  Lola's Secret Beauty Blog has a serious blush crush on Antonym Certified Organic Highlighting Blush Cheek Crush! It is the perfect peachy pink that imparts a gorgeous ethereal glow. 

  15 Minute Beauty is sharing a full review and a peek at the ingredients of her latest skincare obsession, Olay Regenerist Whip Moisturizer!" 

 We're already in the thick of the holiday shopping season. Allison from Never Say Die Beauty is sharing her recommendations for holiday stocking stuffers and small gifts

 Holidays bring gatherings. Holidays bring parties. Holidays are the time to bring out the prettiest cosmetics you have. Beauty Info Zone shows you some fabulous $12 POP Beauty Prismatic Illuminating Powders that will bring out your best and make you feel like a million. 

  Justina's Gems is suffering from dry skin this winter. Check out some of her winter beauty hacks that never fail! 

 Are Glycolic Acids part of your skin care regime? Christa from Realizing Beauty gives us a peek at the extensive lineup of options from NeoStrata ranging from peels to daily skincare. 

  Makeup Obsessed Mom became obsessed with the idea of Microblading. See her experience with it. 

 As we all know Shipra of is our resident ColourPop expert. She's got a beauty to share with the ColourPop Golden State of Mind Palette. Get ready for dazzle.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Out of This World Nails with Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate

Press Sample

Greetings, dear readers! I hope this post finds you well and you have been having a wonderful week thus far. As for myself, I've been putting in extra hours at work, and I am really feeling it already! I'm a little worn out and hoping both my kids opt to take a nap today so I can get one myself! Ha! Now to cut the chit chat short and jump in on today's blog post!

I've really been missing out on doing nail art as often as I used to, and I am so thankful to have Born Pretty Store both challenge and inspire me! Their nail art supplies are fun and affordable; what could be better?

One of the latest items I have received to review is this cute space-themed plate. I love that the variety on this plate includes different planets and asteroids, and how cute is the little alien! I was definitely eager to give my nails some out of this world treatment, and this plate was the perfect accompaniment to my nail art design. Check it out!

This particular nail art design really allowed me to test out the etching of many images on this plate! I don't always have the opportunity to do so, and I was really happy to actually try these multiple images out on my nails!

As you can see, I utilized the traditional stamping technique as well as reverse stamping. I was really pleased with how deeply etched these images were, and I had no issues with picking up very crisp images of my stamping polishes onto my stamping head!

I really enjoyed trying out this plate! If you are interested in stamping nail art techniques and outer space, this plate is definitely for you! It is also very affordable at $2.99 at full price, and at the time of this post, it is marked down to just $1.59. Now that's what I call making a good deal even sweeter! The direct link to this plate can be found here.

While you are shopping at Born Pretty Store, you can save 10% off full-priced items with discount code QWL-91. They have so many fun things to choose from so be sure to stock up on your next order for all your upcoming nail art needs!

Other products used:
Ellagee Polish: Captivating
Zoya Nail Polish: Snow White, Neely, Pippa, Madeline, Mira, Vanessa
Rica: Whiteout
Celestial Cosmetics for Color4Nails: Crimson, Midori, Melina
KBShimmer: Clearly on Top top coat

Have you used this particular stamping plate? Would you enjoy sporting space-themed nails? I'd love the hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Make Up For Ever Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick in Shade 401

Press Sample

The holidays are here, and what colour could possibly be better on your lips but red! In truth, I'm a fan of red lips year round, day or night, so it wasn't too surprising that I fell in love with the shade 401 (Red) Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick by Make Up For Ever. Even if you tend to stick with nudes and are generally afraid of this bold colour, the holiday season is the perfect time to be daring!

This particular liquid lipstick is super creamy and applies easily to the lips with the wand. It is densely pigmented; I had great coverage with just a single coat. It dries down quickly to a matte finish.

I'm not sure if I am more impressed with how comfortable and non-drying this lipstick feels on the lips or just how long wearing it is with very minimal transfer. I applied this to my lips first thing in the morning, and it lasted through multiple cups of coffee, water, breakfast and lunch. By dinnertime, there was some fading from the center area of my lips, but a quick second coat touched up my lipstick perfectly. I you're looking for the perfect lipstick to show off your holiday spirit, Make Up For Ever's Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick in Shade 401 is a great option!

You can purchase this lipstick from the Make Up For Ever website here. There are several other colour choices available, and I know I certainly have my eye on a few of them! The Artist Liquid Matte line retails for $20 each.

What is your go-to lipstick colour over the holiday season? Do you like to change it up during the year, or do you stick to the same colour families year round? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Diamond Makeup Brushes and Silicone Cleanser Mat with TEI Spa Beauty

Press Sample

Happy Monday, dear readers! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and geared up for the new week ahead! It was a relatively uneventful weekend for me, but as you probably know by now, I actually prefer the low-key weekends. It was quiet, or at least as quiet as my two little boys will allow, as we get the holiday lights and decorations up. We also went to a nearby "choose and cut" tree farm to get our holiday tree. With the exception of one year, I've always had a real tree in the house, but this was the first time I've actually selected one to cut. It was so much nicer than going to one of my stores and trying to pick from a super wrapped up version and trying to determine how the branches lay when not so tightly bundled! The particular farm and the family that owns it was severely impacted by the Sonoma County wildfires this past October. I've been trying to be even more aware of supporting local businesses over the past few years, and this year seems so much more important than previous years. It may make purchases a little more expensive since the cost of living around me is reflected in the prices, but we're happy and healthy can handle small sacrifices here and there. Now on to today's blog post before I keep rambling away on other things!

One of the vendors at The Makeup Show in Los Angeles last month was TEI Spa Beauty. They sell a variety of products, including the fabulous ojo RENEW thermal microcurrent device to treat fine lines that creep up on your face as you age, but my eye drifted to their Diamond Makeup Brush Set sitting on the table. They very kindly provided me with a set of my own and their Silicone Cleanser Mat to try out and review for my fantastic readers. Because brushes often work well with some products but not others, I wanted to thoroughly test these out with a variety of products with differing textures. I used this set, and ONLY this set, for the past four weeks as much as possible when applying the corresponding products for this review. Let's jump in and get a closer look at the set contents and my thoughts about them!   

The Diamond Makeup Brush Set consists of five brushes and a zip-up travel pouch. Per the TEI Spa Beauty website, the set includes a contour brush, powder brush, a blush brush, and an angled liner brush. The fifth brush is actually not officially identified on the site, and I tested it out both as a concealer brush and an eye brush just to cover my bases.

The Diamond Makeup Brush Set also includes a zippered pouch has a nylon interior with a recycled leather exterior. The bottom half of the pouch utilizes firmer leather so that when the unit is opened, the softer top area can fold down and the bottom can be used as a stand for quick and easy access to your brushes. Up until now, my brush travel system has consisted of a roll-up case, and while they have been great as a space saving measure, I wasn't a fan of having to pull brushes in and out for use, and I do not like to just leave my brushes laying on the counter in hotel bathrooms. The ick factor is just too high in the event the counters aren't cleaned as well as they should be, and I do not wanting to be putting that on my face! The travel pouch that comes with this makeup brush set is the perfect solution, and I only wish I had it in my life sooner!

As for the brushes themselves, I have very mixed feelings about them. To help keep this from just being a long and drawn out paragraph, I'm going to break this up to address each of the individual brushes and my thoughts on them. I will go ahead and start out by saying this brushes are cruelty free and made with synthetic bristles.

The contour brush is very dense and picked up my powder contours nicely. The angle suits cheekbones really nicely and made application a breeze. I did have to build up contour with this brush rather than going all out in one go as the dense packing of the bristles makes it harder to soften out the edges. The density also makes for an odd swooshing sound as you're using it on your face. While it isn't a deal-breaker for me, it was something I observed that could be troublesome for those with auditory sensitivities.

I used the powder brush to apply my finishing powder, and it blended it in nicely as well as swept off the excess from the few times I opted to bake under my eyes. The downside about this brush is the upper portion of the brush that contains the bristles popped off the handle within the first two weeks of my testing out this set. I have been able to get it to fit back into the handle so I can still apply powders easily although the top part still comes off whenever I do a thorough cleaning of the brush. I'm on the fence as to whether or not I will continue using this brush. While I like how it applies my powders, I don't know that I want to deal with having to fix the handle every week when I deep clean my brushes.

I also had the same breaking off issue with my blush brush as I did with the powder brush, only my experience with this particular brush has been worse. The bristle area popped off after about a week of use and I cannot get it to stay securely in place, even when in use. While I have managed to make it work for the full four weeks for this review, I have had to be very conscious of how I'm using it and taking extra care to be gentle during application. Needless to say, I will no longer be using this brush beyond this testing period. As much as I like how it blends out my blushes on my cheeks, I do not have the patience to deal with a brush breaking on me if I'm trying to get my makeup on quickly.

The angled liner brush was a pleasant surprise for me. When I first saw this brush, I did not think I would like it as it is wider than my other angled liner brushes that I like, and rather than having an even thickness down the brush tip, it is shaped like a teardrop. On the days I opted to keep my eyeliner simple by just sticking close to my eyelids, I would spray this brush with my setting spray before picking up eyeshadow and setting in place. While I wouldn't recommend this particular brush for fine lines or when you want more control for a wing, it does give a stunning smudged out eyeliner look. With my very hooded eyes, I can never get a wing I am happy with, so a smudged out look tends to be my go to. I'll definitely be grabbing for this brush in future applications!

The fifth and final brush has been getting the most attention from me as a flat concealer brush. The bristles are soft and tightly packed, making it a great tool to blend in concealer under the eye area. I personally found this brush to be too wide for spot concealing on the face although those with larger areas that need a little extra coverage may like the larger width over a small pinpoint-type brush. As I mentioned previous, I actually tried this brush for eyeshadow application as well (with cleaning between concealer and eye shadow, of course!), but it didn't pick up powder colour very well and the brush was too wide for precise placement on my eyelids. If you decide to pick up this brush set, I would just plan to use this for concealer.

Retail: $35.00

I was also provided with a Silicone Cleanser Mat to test alongside these brushes. This is not part of the brush set and can be purchased separately if you're not in the market for more makeup brushes. This silicone mat is small at approximated 1.5 x 2 inches, making it the perfect companion for traveling with your brushes. With the two different sizes and spacing of the raised "bristles", this cleanser mat works well with a few drops of your preferred cleaner and water to remove excess product from your brushes. This cleanser mat is a little on the small size so it does make controlled cleaning of larger brushes a little awkward, especially if you prefer to keep your brushes contained to the area of the cleansing mat only, but it works well enough for all the brushes I tested if you don't want to take a large mat with you while traveling. For my own personal use, this works really well for me as I tend to use a sponge applicator with liquid foundations most often so I don't need a mat for that tool. I love that this Silicone Cleanser Mat is the perfect size to wash my eye brushes! What sets this particular mat apart from some others that I have used is the addition of a suction cup built into the back. Once I have finished cleaning my brushes, I can quick rinse it off and stick it to the corner of my mirror so it can dry easily and I can FIND it when I'm ready to wash my brushes again. I've disliked washing my brushes for so long because I've accumulated mats that lay too flat, even with small suction cups on the back, so they never feel like the back dries. With this Silicone Cleanser Mat, the working area is sufficiently raised so it isn't resting in a pool of water, allowing it to dry completely and quickly. I also greatly appreciate that is it made up of environmentally-friendly silica gel, is non-toxic, and that it doesn't exude strong or offensive odors.

Retail: $2.50

Part of the reason I wanted to test this set out for so long was to see if I could ultimately decide if I should recommend it to my viewers. In the end, I have such mixed feelings about this set, and you will have to decide for yourself if it is worth it to you. While I do like most of the brushes themselves, I was not happy to have two of them break on me in such a short time. The silver faceted handles are fun to look at, but it is my opinion that they cheapen the feel of this set. If I could focus on just the bristle portion of these brushes and the awesome travel pouch, I would wholeheartedly say this set is worth the $35 price tag. Unfortunately, you do need the handles to get the proper leverage for application, and having two of them break off so soon after receiving them is disheartening and makes me question how much longer it will be for the others to decide to pop off on me. If I were to personally be asked to pay the full price for this set, I would walk away and pick up a different set. The travel pouch and the angled liner brush that I foresee continuing to use the most just isn't worth spending $35 to me. The Silicone Cleanser Mat, on the other hand, is a great tool to have, especially to take in your traveling makeup bag! It is also very affordable, and I could likely find the change hiding in the seat cushions to buy one. Ultimately, only you can decide if these are worth the expense to you, but I hope sharing my experience makes the decision come easily for you, whatever way you decide!

Have you tried these particular products before? I'd love to hear about your experiences, be it good or bad!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Highlights from This Week's Beauty Spotlight Team

The holidays can be stressful, bring back the romance with The VIP Doubles Down from award-winning author Nancy Herkness plus a trio of beautiful liquid lipsticks for smooching! Enter on Prime Beauty

 Skincare that's affordable and feels heavenly should be on your face. That's why Beauty Info Zone is crazy about Vivo Per Lei's Collagen Collection. Marcia is thrilled that she's able to have a giveaway for 3 people to experience the love. 

  Lola's Secret Beauty Blog has selected covet-worthy beauty & household must-haves for the holidays that you need to check out before you finish your shopping! 

  Pammy Blogs Beauty partners with RoC Skincare with a #ForYourAge challenge to encourage us to change the conversation about beauty. Tell someone they are beautiful without saying "for your age" and share your #ForYourAge stories! 

  Justina's Gems loves to use less toxic fragrances and has a few favorites she wants to share with you. Click over to read about five delicious cleaner scents she loves! 

 Dull, dry winter skin? Allison from Never Say Die Beauty has been getting her glow on with new L'Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Rosy Tint Moisturizer. The rich and pretty peachy-pink cream gives her that blush from within look! 

 If you haven't started using Micellar Water Realizing Beauty wants to know why. She believes that you are missing on some terrific products. 

 How in the world are we going to cope with cold weather skin? Well Stacie from Makeup Obsessed Mom has a solution for you with Camille Beckman lotions and balms that will make your skin a lot more comfortable. 

 No matter what your age pretty cosmetics will get to you every time. Shipra of Tanejas Bride isn't afraid of the beauty of Colorpop's My Little Pony collection and neither should you. 

 Holiday season is now in full swing and it is time to celebrate with glitz and glamour on your nails! The Jedi Wife is gaga over the KBShimmer new Holo-Day Collection, with each shade carefully designed with their own holographic flair that is sure to dazzle! 

 The parties are starting and your undereye area is telling you it needs help. Christine from 15 Minute Beauty has some solutions for you with the best undereye color correctors. Better check them out before it's too late.

Polarbelle wants to be sure you've seen all her reviews this past week on YouTube and the beginning of Vlogmas!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

KBShimmer: The Holo-Day Collection 2017

Press Sample

Greetings, dear readers! I don't know about you, but I am really excited about the start of December tomorrow! I love the holiday season, and one of my favorite parts is seeing the nail polish collections that are coming out for winter. For this evening's blog post, I have KBShimmer's newest collection, The Holo-Day Collection, to share with you. This indie brand really knocks it out of the park when it comes to their creations, and the latest one is filled with eight stunning shades that somehow showcase a beautiful holographic flair. The Holo-Day Collection will ensure that your nails are just as dazzling as the holiday lights! Let's check them out!

Fir Sure
Two coats plus KBShimmer Clearly on Top top coat

The smell of pine, crisp air, and crunchy leaves are sure signs the seasons have changed. This green linear holographic polish is reminiscent of hunting down that perfect pine among rows of fir and spruce trees. When you stumble upon that perfectly shaped tree and start envisioning the twinkling lights and hanging ornaments, you will know Fir Sure you picked the right one.

Up To Snow Good
Three coats plus KBShimmer Clearly on Top top coat

For those that lived in snowy areas, the best days as kids were snow days! School cancelled, children bundled up to head out while the flakes were falling to make snow men, throw snowballs, and take sleighs down the big hill. Holographic glow flakes, blue shimmer, and a dash of micro holo glitters shine like untouched snowbanks, accenting the pale gray color of this snow inspired polish.  In some lighting this polish looks pale blue, in others, the light gray with blue shimmer.  A super fun twist on a silvery winter shade.

Jewels Of The Trade
Two coats plus KBShimmer Clearly on Top top coat

A beautiful blue holo is life. This mega flame finish is vibrant blue in color, almost a cross between sapphires and lapis lazuli gemstones. No matter what gem you think it resembles, the vibrant jewel toned blue comes alive with amazing sparkle from holo glitters. With coverage in two coats, this blue looks beautiful finished with Clearly On Top, this shade is one you need in your manicure tool box!

Deck The Claws
Two coats plus KBShimmer Clearly on Top top coat

There are two things that a women needs for a rockin’ holiday party, bold red lips and Christmas red nails. This red polish in our Mega Flame finish is full of sparkle and cheer. Holographic glitters catch the holiday lights and shine, while accenting this perfectly festive red shade. With coverage in two coats, this red looks beautiful finished with Clearly On Top, for a blingin’ red mani! This polish is thicker due to the glitter load.

Come On Get App-y
Two coats plus KBShimmer Clearly on Top top coat

Today phones are never far from our side, with apps that do everything from entertain with music and games, to balance our budgets, it is no wonder we are app happy. This blue leaning purple has strong linear holo that shines brighter than your phones screen. With two coat coverage this polish won’t interrupt your texting.

You're Brew-tiful
Two coats plus KBShimmer Clearly on Top top coat

When the weather gets that chill and sweaters keep you cozy, there is just something special about keeping warm by the fire with a cup of coffee. Reminiscent of a frothy latte, this lightened brown polish is the ideal shade for those that want bling without the bold. Whether you take your coffee with cream or without, this brew-tiful shade is a must have!

Why So Sirius?
Two coats plus KBShimmer Clearly on Top top coat

Like a nebula in the sky, this spacy polish is bursting with a shimmer that shifts from a jewel toned purple to vibrant teal, while holo glow flakes twinkle against the deep navy base. If you have fond memories of star gazing on crisp, cool evenings, you will be over the moon about this sparkling polish.

Pour Decisions
Two coats plus KBShimmer Clearly on Top top coat

Work, children, entertaining, the thought of in-laws and crazy family members can all stress you right the heck out! But step away from the wine, the only “pour” decision you need in your life is this wine colored lacquer. Pour Decisions is loaded with holo glow flakes for a deep burgundy colored polish. Shifting sparks shine red and copper, showing off the chocolate undertones. Perfect in two coats, putting this on your nails is easiest decision you will make all week.

The Holo-Day Collection will be available starting tomorrow at, and select salons and retailers. These polishes will feature KBShimmer's new 5 free polish base. The polishes in this collection will retail for $9.25 each.

Do you have a favorite shade from this collection? I'd love to hear which polishes are catching your eye!

Until next time, dear readers, have a great night!

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