Friday, August 18, 2017

Win the Zoya Sophisticates Collection!

I'm running a little behind with blogging today, but hopefully this will help you forgive me for the delay. Let's make Fri-yay even better with a giveaway! I have a second set of the Zoya Sophisticates Collection, and I am giving it away to one lucky reader!

Win the full 12-piece Zoya Sophisticates Collection! Enter using the rafflecopter widget below. Best of luck to you!

Open internationally to participants age 18 years and older. Winner will be contacted by provided email address at the close of this giveaway and will have 48 hours to claim their prize. Failure to claim prize within the designated time frame will result in forfeiture of prize and a new winner will be selected. Prize will be shipped by The Jedi Wife within 10 business days after prize is claimed.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

CPNA Beauty: Battington Lashes

Press Sample

Greetings, dear readers! I hope you are having a wonderful week thus far and have something fun planned for the weekend! For today's blog post, I'm continuing on with my reviews of products I brought home with me from Cosmoprof North America last night.

In a previous post, I mentioned Battington Lashes as one of my beauty finds from the show. I brought home a set of the brand's lovely lashes to test out, and I am loving them!

I received the 100% handmade silk strip lashes in the style Kennedy. These particular lashes are very natural looking: they're like your own lashes but better!

While I do wear false lashes with some frequency, I don't have a lot of experience with a range of brands. The first thing I noticed with these lashes was how sturdy the strip itself felt. These lashes do not feel flimsy and like they are only good for a small handful of uses. In fact, Battington Lashes claims these lashes can be worn for 25 times with proper care! While the idea admittedly seemed a little far fetched when I first heard it, after testing out these lashes for myself, I actually can believe the claim. They feel durable and easily conform to the shape of your eyelids.

I also really like how light-weight these lashes feel! They are so comfortable it's almost easy to forget you're even wearing false lashes! I've been skipping false lashes a lot lately since many brands start to irritate my eyes as the day progresses, but these Kennedy lashes from Battington are comfortable all day long! I'm really enjoying these and definitely plan to enjoy more from the brand!

The Kennedy strip lashes are available for purchase from the Battington Lashes website located here. They retail for $26; that breaks down to just over $1 per use as long as you take proper care of them! Simple remove from your lash line, clean off any glue residue, and store them in the sturdy case they arrive in while you are sleeping and until you pop them back on again. If you prefer quality products that last over cheaper options, these lashes are sure to appeal to you! I know I sure love them, and I don't know if I can ever go back to the cheaper brands I've used in the past! They are just that remarkable!

Do you enjoy wearing false eyelashes? Are you familiar with Battington Lashes? If so, what style is your favorite? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Born Pretty Store: Zoo-Inspired Stamping Plate

Press Sample

Happy hump day, dear readers! This week is dragging by at a painfully slow rate, and I'm sure a lot of it is because I am STILL sick and I'm solo parenting all week while the hubby is out of town for work. I can only rest so much when my youngest really wants me to play! I did manage to test out a new-to-me stamping plate from Born Pretty Store this week, so read on to check out my thoughts about it!

I don't believe this wildlife-inspired plate is particularly new to the shop although it is a new one for me. Whenever I review items from Born Pretty Store, it is often things I have personally selected myself, and I had picked out this plate with the plans of using it before a tentatively planned zoo trip this past weekend. I was far too sick for the trip to take place, but I was still happy to sport zebra-inspired nail art this week.

I decided to step outside the typical black and white colour scheme for the zebra look and instead started off with KBShimmer Pinking Of Paradise as my base. I then stamped on the zebra striping with Pueen Black Jack.

I was really happy with how well this stamped for me! I didn't have to play around with different stampers, scrapers, or polishes to find a suitable combination that would work for me. It made stamping a very quick and simple process, something I can definitely appreciate! Now my alignment and cleanup apparently needs a little extra attention, sadly something I didn't notice until editing photos last night for this post! At least that's user error and has nothing to do with this stamping plate!

This particular stamping plate, BP-16, can be purchased directly from Born Pretty Store here. It retails for an affordable $2.99, and at the time of this post, it is even cheaper as it is marked down to $1.59. Now that's a great price for several wildlife images for your next trip to the zoo or safari!

While you are visiting the Born Pretty Store site, but sure to check out all the site has to offer for your nail art needs. They offer a range of options so you'll likely find something to suit your taste!

Also, be sure to use discount code QWL91 to save 10% off any full-priced items in your shopping cart! Born Pretty Store is already quite affordable, but saving some cash is always a good thing!

Have you tried any stamping plates from Born Pretty Store? Are the images on this particular plate ones you would enjoy using? What other nail art supplies are of interest to you? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Born Pretty Store Holographic Polish #06

Press Sample

Greetings, dear readers! I have a quick post to share with you today, but it is sure to catch your attention! I had the pleasure of testing out a gorgeous holographic polish from Born Pretty Store, and if you enjoy coppery shades on your fingertips, you're going to love this beauty! Let's check it out!

Born Pretty Store Holographic polish in shade 06 is a beautiful light coppery shade. It leans a little on the orange spectrum against my skin tone. If you are hunting for the perfect neutral shade, this one may be perfect for you!

The formula of this polish is ultra-smooth, and it applied easily for me with three flawless coats needed for opacity. It is sheer, so even if you tend to paint with a heavier hand, you'll likely still need to use the three coats. The number of coats is the only real negative I have about this polish, especially since each bottle only hold 6mL. That is a respectable amount of polish and will get you several manicures depending on application, but I personally would have liked this to be available in a larger sized bottle. I really enjoy this colour, so while I very rarely go through a full bottle of polish, this one likely won't last long for me. That being said, I do like the smaller size for traveling!

Born Pretty Holo Polish in shade 06 can be purchased from the Born Pretty Store website here. The list price is $15.88, which I personally feel is far too much for such little product. At the time of this post, it is currently marked down to a much more reasonable $5.99. It is a little more expensive per mL than some other brands even at this reduced rate, but if it's a colour you are contemplating trying out, or if you just don't use up all your polish and prefer smaller bottles, this is a gorgeous option to add to your collection!

While you are visiting the Born Pretty Store website, be sure to check out the site's offerings for all your nail art needs!

Be sure to use discount code QWL91 to save 10% off all full prices items in your cart!

Have you tried any of the polishes from Born Pretty Store? Do you like the smaller bottles? Is this a shade you might wear? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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Monday, August 14, 2017

KBShimmer for Hella Holo Customs, August 2017

Press Sample

Greetings, dear readers, and happy Monday! I'm usually not an anti-Monday person, but I am really feeling that way today. I spent most of my weekend in bed resting and attempting to recover from my illness, but I sadly didn't have much luck on that front. I'm still about as sick as I was before the weekend came around. Boo hiss! At this time, I'm still reasonably sure it's just a nasty virus so there isn't anything I can do beyond resting. This week is likely to be a light week on the blog front for that reason, but we shall see as the week progresses. I did want to jump in and share this post with you so let's do this!

If you're not already a member of the Facebook Hella Holo Customs group, I have three very good reasons for you to join this month! KBShimmer is one of the guest makers for the month of August, and the brand has just introduced three beautiful polishes available for group members only. Let's check them out!

One Holo-of a Storm

A periwinkle leaning blue polish, this holographic shade sparkles with holo glitters. At the right angles, a pink shimmery flake with blue shifts pops through for a vibrant polish your tips and toes will love. If you like our Mega Flame finish, this shimmery cousin to that collection is perfect for you! Best in 2-3 coats.

Now this is one holo of a polish! I love everything about this particular polish- the colour, the finish, the flashes of pink; it truly is a spectacular shade! The formula is phenomenal as well, and it applied easily in two coats for opacity. I'm also wearing KBShimmer's Clearly On Top top coat for these photos. Although this is described as a 2-3 coater, I was impressed with how pigmented this polish was. While I needed two coats, I almost got away with a single coat; those that normally use thicker coats may find they only need one carefully applied coat for opacity.

Pinking of Paradise

A softly tinted pink polish features our holo glow flakes. These flakes have a unique holo glow to them in bright lights, while in softer lighting, a turquoise shimmer pops out to say hello. This polish is sheer enough in one coat to layer over your favorite pink cream, but is best in 2-3 coats alone.  If you loved our Polish Con exclusive, We Make Your Dreams Come Blue, you will not want to miss this sister shade!

Hello, gorgeous! While this isn't generally my ideal shade of pink if it wear a creme polish, there is so much awesomeness going on in this polish that it is truly glorious! The holo glow flakes certainly make it fun and more suitable to my taste, but it is the flash of turquoise shimmer that makes this polish amazing. I dare say that even those who don't like pink at all may even enjoy wearing this beauty on their nails! The formula was on point and very easily to apply onto my nails. This particular polish is a little sheerer than the others in this post as I needed three coats for opacity. I'm also wearing Clearly On Top top coat for these photos.

That Goes Without Cyan

An aqua leaning blue color, we accented this strong linear holo with bits of copper and gold for a sparkle even in low lighting.  Best in 2 coats.

I have a weakness for aqua-type blue shades, so it's not too surprising that I have a particular love of That Goes Without Cyan. The formula is ultra-smooth, and the application was sublime with two flawless coats. Like the rest of these photos, I also added Clearly On Top top coat for these swatch pictures.

The new KBShimmer polishes for the Hella Holo Customs Facebook group are now available for purchase. Please note these are exclusive for group members, but you are welcome to join and participate in the group fun here.

Are you a member of the HHC? Which shade(s) are you planning to pick up? All three by KBShimmer are lovely, and you really can't go wrong with any of them! Even I can't pick a favorite as it changes every time I try!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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Friday, August 11, 2017

CPNA Beauty: Note Cosmetics

Press Sample

Happy Friday, dear readers! I am SO GLAD today is Friday as this week has been busier than usual, from out-of-state family reunions to a 14+ hour travel day to get home, and I am now sick. While I have a lot on my plate right now, I'm probably going to force myself to set everything aside and get much needed rest to help get this crud out of my system sooner. I think my recent 5 day a week posting schedule has just been a little too much for me and I just have to (sing) let it go.... and maybe take off a few days next week just to recharge my batteries. I still have so much content to share from this summer's Cosmoprof North America, and while I am eager to get it all up on the blog as quickly as I possibly can, I have been putting self care on the back burner a little too much lately. That is something I need to change, but not until I get this post written first....

I visited with the ladies at the Note Cosmetics booth while at Cosmoprof North America, and I got to check out the upcoming products from the brand. You can check out some of them on my previous blog post here, with the most notable being an expansion of their foundations to include a larger range of skin tones. I'm really looking forward to their launch this fall, but even though we have to wait, there are several other fabulous goodies from the brand to enjoy. I brought a variety of products home with me to test out, and I wanted to share my thoughts on them with you in today's blog post. Let's check them out!

Sunglow Foundation
Sunglow Foundation in shade 10

A lightweight and silky foundation, this product contains light-reflecting ingredients to leave your skin with a dewy, sun-kissed appearance. The Sunglow Foundation is available in 3 shades that offer lightweight coverage and a bronzed natural-looking glow.

Retail: $11.99

When it comes to using this product as a foundation as described, it is sadly a resounding NOPE from me. With my combination skin, I already have enough of a natural glow about me and don't need extra help. I did initially apply this product to my face as described, and the final effect was sadly, less than flattering. My full face was glowing and this shade was still a little too dark on my skin. In truth, I felt positively ridiculous and promptly removed it the moment I finished evening it out on my face. Even though it is described as lightweight, it still had a heavier feel than I like on my skin and I cannot recommend this if you have combination or oily skin. That being said, the Sunglow Foundation adds the PERFECT touch of highlight to the skin if you love the look of a glow but without larger particles. While I don't care for this as a foundation, I love wearing this lightly dabbed on the tip of my nose, cupid's bow, and my shoulders and collarbone.

Long Wearing Lipstick and MatteMoist LipGloss

Long Wearing Lipstick in shade Indian Rose
MatteMoist LipGloss in shade Notisme

The top swatch is the LipGloss in Notisme while the bottom is the Lipstick in Indian Rose. They both swatched nicely on the skin, although I wasn't particularly happy with the lipstick while on the lips. The pink applied very unevenly to my lips and was very patchy, even with the multiple coats I applied to help even it out. It does even out some, but the multiple layers quickly rubbed off my lips and needed touching up often. This particular shade, Indian Rose, is also not flattering against my skin tone, so I personally didn't mind that the formula didn't work out for me, but I'm reserving judgement on the rest of the shades. Hopefully the patchiness I experienced was due more to the lighter pink hue and not common across the product line. As for the red gloss, it applied easily and evenly to my lips and wasn't sticky. Because it is still a gloss, it certainly came off on my cup of coffee or when I ate, but the colour payout is really lovely and lasted a reasonably long time on its own.

Long Wearing Lipstick Retail: $9.99
MatteMoist LipGloss Retail: $8.99

Here is a photo of me wearing the MatteMoist LipGloss in Notisme. How pretty is this colour!

Professional Eyeshadow Palette
Colour palette 104

The 5-colour eyeshadow palettes are specially curated to coordinate with each other to create eye looks. These shadows all contain reflective pigments for a subtle sheen finish.

Here are swatches of the 5 shades in this particular palette. All shades are nicely pigmented and applied easily here although the lighter shade leans a little chalky. In spite of this, it still applies nicely.

Retail: $14.99

I stepped a little out of my comfort zone and used only this eyeshadow palette for this eyelook, utilizing all five shades. While they are all colours I typically would use, I prefer to use matte shadows with a little pop of shimmer rather than having a full shimmery look. Even my husband noted that this was a little unusual for me, we both agreed the look was still pretty and very much wearable.

Because I applied this look in the morning before heading out for the day, I opted to keep the final look a little softer for a day-time look. While I don't see myself wearing just this palette solo again, I will definitely be grabbing for it to add beautiful neutral shimmer to my eye looks!

Terracotta Powder and Terracotta Blusher

The Terracotta Powder and Terracotta Blusher add a beautiful sun-kissed glow to the skin. The powders are available in four sheer bronzed shades while there are four blushers to impart colour onto your cheeks.

Terracotta Blusher in shade 03 Oriental Pink
Terracotta Powder in shade 01 Stardust

While these products look very similar in their respective containers, I was surprised how different they felt when I touched them with my fingers. The powder was very soft and smooth to the touch, but the blusher was even softer by a magnitude and felt soft as silk.

Terracotta Powder Retail $17.99
Terracotta Blusher Retail $17.99

Because the Terrcotta Powder I was provided was a little too light to bronze my skin, I opted to wear it to highlight my cheeks. I'm also wearing the Terracotter Blusher in this photo although the glow is less obvious with my application. I pulled in an extra light source with strategic placement to really bring these to life while indoors! I really enjoy both these products and definitely need more in my life!

This is my complete look incorporating the products in this post.

I really enjoyed creating this look and testing out the products from Note Cosmetics! While the Sunglow Foundation was a flop for me as a foundation, it is a win when it comes to adding a touch of glow to the tip of my nose and above my lips. The eyeshadow palette has gorgeous neutral colours that I look forward to adding in combination with my matte shades, and this lip gloss in Notisme certainly has my attention! The blusher is particular is such a pretty shade that I can see myself grabbing often while the Terracotta Powder will likely be grabbed for special nights out when I really want to dazzle. The only product in this post I didn't care for was the lipstick, but I'm not quite yet willing to write off the whole Long Wearing Lipstick line. I'm not convinced the patchiness I experienced is a feature of the line as it is something I have experienced often with the lighter pink shades similar to what I was provided. I definitely need to test other shades before I can make a fair assessment on them although I cannot recommend the shade Indian Rose.

These and other products can be purchased from Note Cosmetics here.

What products do you love from Note Cosmetics? I'd love to hear your recommendations!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day and enjoy the weekend!

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

CPNA Find: Sphynx 3-in-1 Portable Razor

Press Sample

Greetings, dear readers! I am back with another beauty find from this summer's Cosmoprof North America trade show event in Las Vegas! Today's blog post features the 3-in-1 portable razor by Sphynx. Named for the Egyptian hairless cat, this product was developed to be a truly portable razor without having to worry about shaving next to the sink at your nearest rest stop! It's also great to catch those spots that you may have missed during your 5 minute power shower because you really wanted those extra 10 minutes of sleep, or if you're like me, just prone to somehow skipping over spots no matter how thorough you try to be. Let's get a closer look at the product and how it works!

The Sphynx portable razor is a hand-sized plastic disc that is really easy to toss in your bag to take with you. The cap piece snaps off easily, but not too easily that you have to worry about it coming off in your bag, and the center piece rotates as you snap each desired portion into place for shaving.

The first step is wetting your skin, and the Sphynx keeps you as a truly portable razor by incorporating a small vessel to contain water with a little spray nozzle. The water receptacle sit nicely inside the device, and you can push on the spray nozzle while it is in place. While testing out this unit, I discovered it really depending while and I was spraying with as to whether or not I could comfortable dispense water. When spraying with my right hand, I could leave the water sprayer in the Sphynx unit, but when I needed to spray with my left, I found it more comfortable to just remove the spray bottles from the unit and then returned it to its place once I was finished with it. Obviously this is my personal experience, but it is worth noting that removal is an option, both for spray and refilling purposes.

This is what the spray bottle looks like when removed. After you have wet your your skin, you can move on to the next step. Twist the center portion and little moisturizing bar clicks into place. You then proceed to glide this over your damp skin to add hydration and prevent nicks while shaving. The moisturizing bar is unscented so you don't need to worry about overpowering scents or unwanted fragrance. These add a nice amount of moisturization and lubrication, but they aren't heavy either.

Once you've rubbed the moisturizing bar onto your skin, you can then proceed to click the Sphynx over to the next setting for the actual shave. There are two slots within this unit to contain a specially-fitted razor. These razors all have a single blade for quick cleanup and a fast shave. Because of the single blade, it isn't designed to be your primary day-to-day razor, although having two razors at your disposal makes it a great option for traveling!

The water bottle should carry you through the life of the Sphynx razor, but what about the blades and moisturizing bar? They obviously will need to be replaced, it it is very easy to do! Along both sides of the Sphynx are these rows of holes, and it makes popping the unit open very easy. Below is a photo of an opened unit and all the contents.

As you can see from this photo, the back of the Sphynx contains a raised circle with stopping points. The inner portion rests in this area, and the unit snaps together easily with proper alignment. There are two ejector push buttons, one at each razor, that when decompressed, allow the individual razors to pop out of the unit. Sphyx sells a refill kit for the 3-in-1 razor. This refill kit includes a moisturizing bar and 4 razors blades, and they easily snap into place.

I have really enjoyed testing out this product, and it is great for on the go shaving! Obviously the unit itself is larger than just tossing a razor in your purse, but if you value your purse contents, not to mention your fingertips, the Sphynx is the perfect option for portable shaving.

Both the Sphynx 3-in-1 razor and the refill kits can be purchased from the Sphynx website. The unit retails for $14.99 and is available in pink, black, purple, and aqua. The refill kit retails for $7.99 and can also be purchased with the colour-coordinating razor blades. Heck, you can even buy different colours for your razors to make your Sphynx even more interesting! That's definitely something I would do, so if that appeals to you, you won't be alone in that endeavor!

Have you tried the Sphynx 3-in-1 portable razor? Are you interested in the convenience of a truly portable razor? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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